Yacht "Le Luna"

Whether your cruise is studious or intimate, the Luna is for all confidences.

Le Luna

A magnificent post-war Riviera yacht, built in 1953, this boat offers you the opportunity to combine several worlds and moments...

In need of a cosy moment, the small lounge of Le Luna lends itself to a moment with friends over a glass of wine, to laugh and enjoy the view.

If you need more space, the reception room of the yacht Le Luna offers both festive and professional possibilities.

If you want to be outside, the front and rear decks are at your disposal to feel the spray of the Garonne on your skin.

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Privatise the Luna

Maximum 40 people
Private lounge
Two outside decks
One main room
Two toilets
One kitchen

Privatisation by the hour with navigation

‣ 1h00 : 545,45€ HT - 600€ TTC
‣ 1h30 : 590,91€ HT - 650€ TTC
‣ 2h00 : 681,82€ HT - 750€ TTC

Privatisation without navigation

‣ de 10h à 16h : 727,27€ HT - 800€ TTC
‣ de 18h à 00h : 909,09€ HT - 1000€ TTC
‣ de 18h à 2h : 1363,64€ HT - 1500€ TTC

Privatisation at the quay with 2 hours sailing time

‣ de 10h à 16h : 1181,32€ HT - 1300€ TTC
‣ de 18h à 00h : 1363,64€ HT - 1500€ TTC
‣ de 18h à 2h : 1636,36€ HT - 1800€ TTC

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